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ChicBlvd.com co-founder Kailynn Bowling plays with her 10-month-old son Dylan. Kailynn says the new website is a "girlfriend's guide for the road of life."
'Take a walk' on Chic.Blvd.com

By Sharon Rice
The Friday Flyer Assistant Editor

     New mom and Canyon Lake resident Kailynn Bowling believes there are a lot of women who get married and have kids, who stop enjoying the fun, chic things in life. New mothers shouldn’t have to settle into wearing “mom clothes” just because they have a baby, she notes, nor should they have to give up on the pleasure of having “girlfriends” to share their hopes and fears.
     Kailynn has a friend named Nikki Gutshall who is not married and has a different perspective on life. She sees many single women settle for less in life because they don’t have a significant other. They live with mismatched “bachelorette furniture, ” for example, just because they aren’t married.
     Between them Kailynn and Nikki realize young women between the ages of 18 and 35 are at many different stages of life but have one thing in common – they desire to be the best they can be though they are often limited by time, resources and imagination.
     With that in mind, the two women combined their respective talents and perspectives to come up with a new website, ChicBlvd.com, that is a “girlfriend’s guide for the road of life” in matters of dating, planning a wedding, having a baby or simply living chic. Some could read the name as “Chick Boulevard,” which works equally well.
     Kailynn says she and Nikki met in late 2003 through a mutual friend and discovered each other’s interest in business ventures and entrepreneurship. At the time, Kailynn was selling things on eBay and had a boutique in Old Town Riverside, while Nikki was in the planning stages for opening a boutique.
     When Nikki decided to start an online “magazine boutique,” she remembered Kailynn’s passion for business endeavors and contacted her. “We realized our dreams and goals lined up and the idea was a perfect fit,” says Kailynn. “We started meeting weekly to research our target market and, being that we are our target market, it was easy to develop something we wanted for ourselves.
     At the time, Kailynn was pregnant and reading “girlfriend guidebooks,” which she found to be much more meaningful and personable than books written by doctors. But both young women knew friends who longed for the “girlfriend” perspective on many subjects.
     Consequently, they wanted ChicBlvd.com to ask women, “Which road are you on?” and then provide articles and links to other helpful websites that will provide the answers women are looking for.
     They worked with a web designer who captured their style and goals for the site, as well as a photographer, who also provided design consulting. ChicBlvd.com was launched in February, along with weekly e-newsletters, which Kailynn and Nikki send to subscribers free of charge.
     “This website is for the trendy college student who is in dire need of dating tips; the chic career woman who doesn’t have time for do-it-yourself decorating or entertaining; and the new mom who isn’t ready to start wearing ‘mom clothes,’ sacrificing her great style and hip personality,” says Kailynn. “ChicBlvd.com is full of insightful tips and relevant advice, providing resources in a personable style as if it’s a note from her best friend.”
     But more than being a source for fashion and style only, Kailynn says she and Nikki have a passion for helping others and try to include articles for and about non-profit companies that offer valuable services and resources to women in all stages of life.
     They’ve also invited a man onto the boulevard in an advice column called, “Ask Andre.” “He’s available for women to seek guy advice – whether for a gift idea, a first date or the style of a wedding dress a man would love to see on his new bride,” says Kailynn.
     Though the website is their passion, Kailynn and Nikki have other careers and interests that keep them in touch with the real world. Nikki is involved in advertising and marketing and Kailynn, 26, is a manager for a mortgage company in Orange County.
     Kailynn says she and her husband, Richard, moved to Canyon Lake three years ago after visiting a friend here and, from the first moment they saw it, they knew this was where they wanted to raise their family. Their favorite activities include boating and wakeboarding. Their son Dylan is now almost 10 months old and recently started taking his first steps. So while Mom’s “cruising” on ChicBlvd. com, a part of her heart will be making a note of her sweet baby’s first steps in Canyon Lake.


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