November 3, 2006





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Canyon Lake Motorcycle Club President Chuck Marler and others will have to continue either parking their bikes at the gates or trailering them there, thanks to an overwhelming vote of prime members. Chuck says his group might consider placing the motorcycle issue as a proposition on the annual ballot.
Motorcycle prohibition upheld

By Carolyn Knight
The Friday Flyer Editor

     Canyon Lake property owners voted overwhelmingly to uphold the ban on motorcycles that has been part of the POA’s by-laws since the community was formed. So prominent and controversial was the issue that a quorum was met for one of the few times in Canyon Lake history.
     With 2,120 ballots necessary for a 50 percent plus one quorum to be met, a total of 2,692 were received, according to Election Inspector Karlene Porter of Porter and Company. Of these, 693 voted to amend the by-laws to allow motorcyclists the right to ride their bikes in the golf cart lanes to and from their homes, and 14 prime members abstained. However, 1,985 voted to maintain the prohibition.
     The fact that a quorum was met was announced at the Special Meeting held Monday night. The meeting was then recessed for the night and reconvened on Tuesday at 8 a.m. It took six and a half hours for the three – and sometimes four – Porter representatives to open the more than 5,300 envelopes (two per secret ballot).
     Both POA President Jordan Ehrenkranz and Director Roger Windeler thanked community members for taking part in the democratic process. “It was a passionate issue on both sides,” said Roger.
     Chuck Marler, who spearheaded the motorcycle vote admitted that he’s disappointed but says, “The community has spoken.”
     Chuck says the Motorcycle Club will continue to get together as a social group, meeting outside the gates to enjoy rides now that the weather is cooler. Their campaign has brought together many like-minded people, he says, resulting in many new friendships.


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