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This 168-ft.-long C-141 airplane located at the March Field Air Museum was the setting for a catered buffet luncheon for Ladies of the Lake and Ladies of the Lighthouse and their husbands in February.
CL ladies entertain their men in a unique setting

     It wasn’t your typical setting for a Valentine Party, but women from the Canyon Lake groups, Ladies of the Lake and Ladies of the Lighthouse, knew just the thing to make the date interesting for their significant others. They booked their luncheon aboard the Lockheed C-141 Star Lifter aircraft at the March Field Air Museum in Moreno Valley.
     According to Ray Miller, whose wife Jo was responsible for planning the event, they had visited the March Field Air Museum in January and enjoyed it very much. When Jo learned the museum occasionally accommodates small groups aboard the C-141 airplane, she seized on that as a destination and received approval from her club. She also arranged for catering in the unusual setting for the February 18 outing.
     “That the ladies groups had a ‘winner’ with this destination was confirmed by the large number of husbands who enjoyed the party,” says Ray. “The selection of this gigantic airplane as the site for lunch made for a most unusual event. A feature was museum-provided retired airmen, one of whom was actually a retired C-141 crew chief, who made for interesting, informative and entertaining conversation.”
     The 168 ft. airplane, with its wingspan of 160 ft., is one of the largest ever built, serving the US Air Force from 1975 until it arrived at March Field and was retired. It was capable of transporting 200 fully armed troops and could fly non-stop for over 6,000 miles at airspeeds of more than 500 mph. It was commanded by a crew of four and had accommodations for a similar back-up crew.


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